Anna Calvi the heart of you from the insurgent soundtrack

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There is a darkness
A heaviness that is concealed
Inside these boundaries
Inside a plain of frozen fields
There are no weapons
No sharpened blows to be sustained
No, only malice
And the tapping of the rain
But there's a dream I keep
In a world so dark and deep
The one true paradox
I'm terrified to meet
There's a dream I keep
I go in when I sleep
There's nothing they can do
No one will keep me from the heart of you
You are illicit
You are the shield against the fire
Of all that's hollow
Of all the bodies on the pyre
I am unshaken
I am the one who will appear
As a long rising sound
That trembles in your ear
Til we hear the sound
Til we see the white horses
It's gonna break me down
It's gonna break me down
Til we tear up the ground