Red Pill all of us

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If Eric Garner looked like me, he would've never been killed
Never be a grand jury sorting evidence till
A prosecutor swaying minds busy pressing his will
Upon the biased minds of racists who remember that deal
Back when plantation owners gave fake ownership to white folks
And human nature's ugliness got balanced on that tight rope
Set up a system for instilling the hate
The consequences of a hatred we're still feeling today
That little bit of privilege given set us up for preconditioned
Notions of humanity that only cold insanity
Could ever seek to justify, a sick and deep disgusting lie
That keeps us all from seeing what would happen if we undermined
This fucking system that we live in, pushing us in subdivisions
Keep all directions pointed inward, not at those appointed
At those who exploit us
How much longer can they avoid it?
All of us got to love and all of us got to bleed
It isn't what's up above, in that mirror what do you see?
All of us want to live and all of us want to breath
All of us want to grow
So where the fuck do we go?
I hope your fire burns bright enough
I hope those hands can reach high enough
Cops killing children, murderers making millions
How dare us feeling that Darren Wilson's a villain?
They made a villain of Michael Brown and he died for it
Wilson killed an unarmed kid and he wasn't tried for it
I gotta ask, what if it happened to you?
What if that was your son what do you imagine you'd do?
I think the sickest shit about it is
White people see a Black mother crying and it doesn't make them think about their kids
All people want in life is to be allowed to live
America just told Black people that their lives' amount to shit
And I'm sick of hearing people trying to justify it
Shut your fucking mouth, the cops and prosecutor lying
This system was designed for drawing lines
Black and white, cops and robbers, rich and poor, you can't see it then you're blind
Being silent is complicit, violence is a sickness
Put yourself in someone else's fucking shoes just for a minute