Tia London feat. The Legendary Traxster keep fighting

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i fight to wiin
though tha devils tryna bring me down
but in the eend i'll find a way
to find my way out
ooooh oh
keep fightin
ooooh oh
keep goin
oooh ooh
keep fightin
ooooh ooh
keep goin
say a prayer for my opponent he gunna hear an angel sing
as soon tha bell ring
ill cum out my corner swinging
my killer instincs
show him no mercy
got tha hunger for the glory but tha money make me thirsty
id do anything to quench it
wen mama need dat rent sent
ima need a priest
hail mary light an insence
& no im not catholic but my souls gunna need savin
turn a dove into a raven
leaeve a
body on tha
ooooh ooh
oooh ooh
all y'all is virginal wen they no this aint no vynyl
everybody look albino
aint no black on black crime wen im back on that grime put tha mack on that spine like
that law at every corner gotta get this shit in order befor tia has my daughter
& swimmin through water
climbing up that mountain
walkin through tha desert tellin millions what im counting
i fight to win
but the devils tryna
bring me down
ooooh ooh
but in the eend ill find my way to find my way out
ooooh ooh
keep fighting
ooooh ooh
keep goin
oooh ooh
keep fighting
oooh ooh
keep goin
tryna get outta dis childs get up outter the streets
fuck beef
feel a neggar wen he says his in da streets n his tryna get out
to all my neggaz in chicargo
stay strong its always gunna be a struggle
one hand on my riffel the other on my bible either way it in now im spittin for survival
eye of a tiger bread like a lion
only five'six
with tha heart of a giant
taken shots like micheal
hopein my props dont fade away
gotta live wit my decisions
cant get back yesterday
life is a test
if it my twenth
if the only thing on my mind
i gotta get paid today
hell they try ta watch me in the
cell they try ta lock me in
one death is all i see wen i turn to cnn
dramas at every corner
enimies turned from friends wen will it end